10/19/2014 Eyeglass Sorting

The Pitt Lions met together on Sunday, October 19, 2014, to continue working towards their goal of sorting and cataloging 4,000 pairs of eyeglasses by December 1st.  During this eyeglass sorting, 200 pairs of glasses were sorted and are now ready to be cataloged!  A special thanks to everyone who was able to make it and help out!

10/18/2014 Pitt Make A Difference Day

On October 18, 2014, members of the Pitt Lions and Global Brigades woke up extra early to support a campus-wide community service effort known as Pitt Make A Difference Day or PMADD for short.  PMADD is an annual event that is organized by the University of Pittsburgh where students from residence halls and organizations on campus get together to make a positive impact in the surrounding communities across Pittsburgh.  This year, the Pitt Lions were stationed in Stowe Township where they spent a few hours cleaning up litter and restoring the community's natural beauty.

10/01/2014 Healthy U Fair

This year's Healthy U Fair was Wednesday, October 1, 2014 from 10am to 3pm.  The Pitt Lions had a table set up at this event where they showed students how to do depth perception tests and how to check whether or not they are color blind.  There was actually one student who confirmed that he was color blind with the results of the test being administered!  Other students had the opportunity to check their near and far-sightedness and have a fun time participating in eye health/care trivia.

9/21/2014 Eyeglass Sorting

This year, the University of Pittsburgh Lions Club have a goal to sort 4,000 pairs of eyeglasses by December 1st.  Each of these 4,000 pairs of eyeglasses will be donated to Hondurans in need of corrective eyeglasses.  In order to achieve this goal, the University of Pittsburgh Lions Club is teaming up with Global Brigades and both of Point Park's men's and women's soccer teams.  

Guiding Lion Geoff Honored at Pleasant Hills Lions Steak Fry

On June 3rd our Guiding Lion, Geoff Temple, was honored on the behalf of the Pitt Lions by Catherine D’Ardenne and Matt Bohince with a special mug created for him by the outgoing officers. Geoff has been a driving force for our club since its original formation in late spring of 2012.  He walked the founding members through the start-up phase, planned our charter night celebration, regularly attended executive board and general body meetings, and introduced us to Lionism and the wonderful Lions of the Pittsburgh area.  Additionally, Geoff is one of the most active Lions in our district, ser

PA Lions State Convention May 17th-19th

Matt's First Authentic Philly Cheesesteak at Jim's on South Street

From May 17th to 19th, 2013, UPitt Lions Matt Bohince, Alex Cupo, and Catherine D'Ardenne attended the PA Lions State Convention held in Valley Forge, PA. The Lions spent the weekend participating in seminars, sitting in on meetings, and exploring the great city of Philadelphia."My favorite part was the district 14-B caucus, even though we were only there for a few minutes," Matt said when asked about his experience at Convention. "For the first time at a district meeting, I felt like a contributing member instead of a guest.

End of May Eyeglass Collection Update - Space Needed!!!

Recent donations from UPitt Lion Heather Tellez, the Bloomfield/Lawrenceville Lions, the Mon River Fleet Lions, and the Eye Center Optical Shop at UPMC Mercy have brought in another wave of gently used eyeglasses. Our club is eager to get these glasses prepped and ready for shipment to communities in need of them. However, we are still looking for a place to more permanently store and process the glasses.


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